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My Travels with the Covid Vaccine and the Prayer that Helped Me

I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine January 5. As I walked from the vaccine injection booth to the open observation room where I was to sit for 15 minutes to be monitored for a reaction, I felt like I had completed a dangerous journey. I walked through tumultuous waves made of concern, fear, debate, much scientific investigation and even more emotional reckoning and soul searching that had occupied most of my time, awake or asleep for weeks. Continue reading

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Sukkot- A Place of Our Own

Jewish holidays are multi-layered. They recall our history and speak to current times. The cords of ancient ceremony entwine with modern day. Religious practice has been enhanced with a psychological and wider spiritual dimension which moves us from only a communal to a deeply personal encounter. These meaning-making additions create a relevancy to what we experience far from the sands of our lost Temple. This has created a multi-faceted dimension and significance to celebration that we can access and step toward each month. Continue reading

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A Tale for Today

When gratitude is the most difficult to find, it is the time we need it the most. But you can find its grace in this story “The Tent of Gratitude’. Continue reading

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Entering the Space Between Us

We would be fools not be afraid. This is ripping every emotional, social, and economic system to its shredding point. But we do not have to lose ourselves to this modern fall from what could be our redemptive amends for all that we have wrought. We can do this. You got this. I got this Continue reading

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Facing the Waterfall – Tips for Coping

For the past 10 minutes, I have been rearranging my desk drawers. Do my pens need to be where my paperclips were? Nope. I did this because I find that my ability to concentrate on ‘brainy’ tasks, such as work … Continue reading

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Distant healing is a transcendent presence.
It works through non-local energetics of vibration and frequency.
Continue reading

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Trauma and Incarceration

There’s No Place Like the Present It has finally become understood that being incarcerated equals being traumatized. When someone suffers trauma, their whole life and world view lives through this lens. The trauma that is caused by the incarcerated experience … Continue reading

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The Force of Light

While the light may be coming back, we are entering the deep of the winter. I offer a way to cope. It is very old and powerful. It is called laughter, frivolity, cheer and whimsy. May the light bless us … Continue reading

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Tuning in to the Season

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Tarot Seasonal Check Up

The season has changed. We are in full fall. Sweaters abound and the last harvest is in. Time for a seasonal spiritual check-up you say? How right you are! Each season affects us a differently on all levels. If we … Continue reading

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