What is Distant Healing?

What is Distant Healing?
Sometimes getting to a healing resource is not within our capacity. Whether you are not located near a physical place, or you are housebound due to physical or emotional issues, healing can still happen through distant healing sessions even though we are in different locations.

Distant healing is a transcendent presence.
It works through non-local energetics of vibration and frequency.

We are more than our physical bodies that are tethered to a certain location and time. We have additional bodies that extend outward. These can be felt and even seen through different means, not just the eyes or touch. Science supports this and has illustrated that there is a web or matrix between all of our bodies. The most widely known of these bodies is the chakra system. So, we are more than what we see with our physical eyes. This is where we begin to understand how distant healing works.

Quantum physics explains that what makes distant healings possible are the entangled particles that remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances.

This truth so freaked out Albert Einstein he called it “spooky action at a distance.”

(if he only knew-te he)

Believing that we are separate is an illusion. Time and space that create division is an illusion, although it is a useful illusion for sure. Without some of this, how would we get to work on time, not to mention a romantic date? And our GPS and maps would be moot if we only experienced our world as an amorphous lake of wholeness.

Tests performed on healers when they were working on a subject in person yielded electrical readings that were palpable. But when healers were tested in the same way as they worked distantly, there were no electrical readings. This led researchers to see that distant healing is more quantum-based. Now, one is not better than the other, they just operate differently. One is not stronger than the other. They just have different energetic structures.

I invite you to experience healing from afar to bring you nearer to your health. Some clients alternate between distant and in-person healings also. Please contact me to set a time we can work together.

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