Trauma and Incarceration

present door

There’s No Place Like the Present

It has finally become understood that being incarcerated equals being traumatized. When someone suffers trauma, their whole life and world view lives through this lens.

The trauma that is caused by the incarcerated experience overlays the trauma that created the circumstances that led to the incarceration.

People who have had difficult lives often make their way through life reacting to and making choices through the lens of past pain. This pain, or trauma, has caused them to disconnect from part of themselves, so that they are not able to fully engage and be fully present in their lives and bodies.

When you live in this Past you cannot live in your Present

Nothing happens in a vacuum. What you do, what you feel, for good or not, is often influenced by your past experiences of peer pressure, abuse, anger, hurt, habit, family and generational history and story, trauma, earlier bad choices. These drivers help create the perfect storm for addiction, violence and crime.

When this is not addressed, as it most often is not, your body(your brain, nervous system and vagus nerve system) becomes stuck in the trauma response. Trauma imprints in our body memory through this sensory system and becomes our present state of being, whether we are aware of it or not.

Before our minds can recognize and analyze a situation, we receive stimulus/information through this sensory system.

This is the non-literate aspect of ourselves that creates the field for trauma reaction, or the reactive dissonance cycle, to set seed.

Our bodies respond to a situation that feels menacing before our brains cognitive capacity-our pre-frontal cortex- can step in to access whether this is the truth.

When you live through your past physical and/or emotional harm; your behavior, thoughts, emotions, physical and brain health today will reflect this. This will hinder you from moving forward to create the life you want.

So trauma is not about our cognitive capacity. It is about our body being set to interpret our surroundings and the interactions we have in it as a dangerous world.

Although you are living in one physical location of time (where), the actions of another time (when) in your life are influencing you today.

Life is not only Where you live but also When you live.

The trick is to get them to jive.

The good news is that there are ways that we can heal from our traumas.



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